Maura Murray (107 Degrees) Podcast

--- Erinn Larkin ---

Erinn and Ethan co-host the only podcast solely dedicated to discussing the disappearance of #MauraMurray.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 29: Julie Murray & The Blue Ribbon Campaign

    In this episode, Erinn and Ethan talk to Julie Murray about the blue ribbon tree that was unfortunately cut down recently. They also discuss the Blue Ribbon Campaign and the family’s effort to petition the state of NH for a historical marker. To support the #BlueRibbon campaign and urge the NH ...


  2. 27: Q&A with D&A: Unraveling the Rumors, Myths, and Truths [Part 1]

    This episode is a Q&A with Jeni Decker, an author and podcaster who recently began looking more closely at the case. Check out Jeni’s podcast at and on twitter @DownandAwayPod. To support the #BlueRibbon campaign and urge the NH Division of Historical Resources to approve the application, visit ...


  3. 25: Timeline Part 2

    In this episode, Erinn and Ethan break down the timeline [trigger warning!] from 7:27 PM to 7:52 PM on the night that Maura Murray disappeared.  They discuss unexplained discrepancies between witness records and the official police dispatch log.    Sign up to join the #BlueRibbon ( campaign and support the Murray’s petition ...


  4. 24: Timeline Part 1 // TCG Ep 388 & 389 Hot Take

    In this episode, Erinn and Ethan break down the timeline of Monday, February 9 2004 between 3:32 AM and 4:37 PM, endeavoring to correct several of the more common misconceptions as they go along. They also discuss episodes 388 and 389 of True Crime Garage ( , which covered the ...


  5. Bonus Episode: Bill Rausch

    In this bonus episode, Erinn speaks to Bill Rausch, who was Maura Murray’s boyfriend and stationed at an Army base in Fort Sill, Oklahoma when she disappeared in 2004. The interview was recorded this past January, just after Julie Murray’s interview with the Captain from True Crime Garage ( (Episodes ...