Maura Murray (107 Degrees) Podcast

--- Erinn Larkin ---

Erinn and Ethan co-host the only podcast solely dedicated to discussing the disappearance of #MauraMurray.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 23: Tad DiBiase "The No Body Guy"

    In this episode, Erinn and Sara talk to Tad DiBiase - a former Assistant United States Attorney in the District of Columbia that became known as “The No Body Guy” after prosecuting DC’s second “no body” homicide case in 2006, and going on to write No Body Homicide Cases: A ...


  2. 22: Conspiracy Theories and NH Law Enforcement

    In this episode, Erinn, Ethan, and Scott discuss the nature and origin of some of the conspiracy theories in the case. They highlight what is perhaps the most prominent (and enduring) conspiracy theory, which is that local law enforcement in New Hampshire may have had some involvement in the disappearance ...


  3. 21: Why Maura Went to New Hampshire: New Info and a New Theory

    In this episode, Erinn, Ethan, and Scott review the prominent theories surrounding the question of why Maura Murray left Amherst, MA and drove to New Hampshire on February 9, 2004. They present new information regarding a speeding ticket Maura had received in New Hampshire during the summer of 2003, and ...


  4. 20: "True Crime Terrorism" and the Problem with "White Noise"

    In this episode, Erinn and Scott address the “white noise” and miscellaneous drama that has distracted attention away from finding Maura. ...


  5. 19: The Black Box (Part 2)

    In this episode, Erinn, Ethan, and Scott discuss the second half of the forensic report of the 1996 Saturn that Maura drove from Massachusetts to New Hampshire the day she disappeared. The analysis was conducted in May of 2010.    The topics discussed in this episode include the SDM recorder output and ...