Maura Murray (107 Degrees) Podcast

--- Erinn Larkin ---

Erinn and Ethan co-host the only podcast solely dedicated to discussing the disappearance of #MauraMurray.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Bonus Episode: "Witness C" and Damage to the Saturn

    This is a segment of audio with Erinn, Ethan, and Scott that was recorded in late March of 2019 and includes information about a third witness (“Witness C”), as well as well as a discussion about what may have caused the damage to the Saturn.   Erinn @GRLA_Ontologist   Ethan @ryebreadreturns   ...


  2. 18: The Black Box (Part 1)

    In this episode, Erinn and Scott discuss the black box data and corresponding forensic report of the 1996 Saturn that Maura had driven from Massachusetts to New Hampshire the day she disappeared. The analysis was conducted in May of 2010.   The topics discussed in this episode include the seatbelts, the crack ...


  3. Announcement: CrimeCon 2019

    This is a brief message from Erinn, Scott Wahl, and Julie Murray to announce that they will be attending CrimeCon 2019, which is taking place June 7-9 in New Orleans, LA. For tickets, visit ...


  4. 17: Julie, Kurtis, and Sara & Reaction to Latest Search

    In this episode, Erinn and Scott talk to Maura’s sister Julie, her brother Kurtis, and Kurtis’s girlfriend Sara. They discuss the excavation of basement near Maura’s crash site in Haverhill, NH, conducted by the FBI and New Hampshire State Police on April 3rd. Scott runs the Official Maura Murray Public Figure ...


  5. 16: "Witness B" and a New Lead in the Case

    In this episode, Ethan and Erinn discuss “Witness B,” and what she saw when she drove by the scene of Maura’s accident the night she disappeared. They also discuss the Bear Brook podcast, as well as the new lead in the case, and how law enforcement is responding to the evidence ...